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Overall Dimensions:

Height: 9.45''
Top Diameter: 4.4''

Bottom Diameter: 3.15''
Maximum Diameter: 4.4''
Capacity: 9 oz.


Best Cocktail, Since AY&Z Frostware.
It's perfect for showcasing your cocktail, and you can use this versatile glass for your signature martini. Its regal appeal and crystal clear clarity perfectly complement all kinds of drinks, so let your creativity run wild with this glass!


Plus, it's dishwasher safe, so you can conveniently and thoroughly clean this glass without wasting your staff's precious time hand washing. It's also microwave safe for an original presentation of hot drinks, such as mulled cider or apple toddy. Additionally, it provides you the creative liberty to use this glass for warm desserts or dips!


★Great for restaurants, pubs, and lounges
☆Hand-made by Unleaded crystal glass
★Crystal clear clarity for exceptional product visibility
☆Versatile bowl shape is suitable for both red and white wine
★Sturdy base
☆Elegant silhouette


“Crystal the World” —— AY&Z Frostware
As families all over the world experience life’s journey, they all have one thing in common—their consistent need of glassware. Whether they are celebrating a new life, commemorating a loved one, or simply living day to day, families require glassware on a daily basis.
That’s why we are here, that’s why AY&Z Frostware is here, to produce glassware as best as we can.
At AY&Z Frostware, we strive to manufacture only the highest quality glassware made with environmentally sustainable materials. Our impeccably designed glassware is designed to look great and feel ergonomically comfortable. 
What truly sets us apart from the competition, is our innovative, hand-blown design. Each and every glass is hand-blown with superior craftsmanship, resulting in the most stunning and beautiful glasses made in China. Our factory is 100% professional and it has the equipment required to provide the best results at all times and a staff of experienced and highly trained.
Make everyday “Crystal”, From AY&Z Frostware !

AYZ 18010 9 oz. Hand-made Tall Cocktail / Martini Glass - 24/Case

SKU: AYZ-CWG-18010
  • Please contact our customer service for best discount. 

  • This item can be customized to promote your brand, company, or event.

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